Pip's Paperie
lovingly handcrafted whimsy




Hannah Matzecki

Hannah received her BA in Studio Art (emphasis: painting and drawing) from UC Santa Cruz in 2011. In addition to handcrafting wedding invitations, Hannah teaches after school and family programs at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. When she's not playing with paper, Hannah enjoys reading, knitting, and eating too much ice cream while binge watching trashy teenage dramas on Netflix. She lives in L.A. with her husband and two cats.

Pip Bio Pic.JPG


Pip was born in a backyard and adopted at the tender age of five weeks. Like many kittens, he peed on everything and was a general terror. Now fully grown, Pip enjoys "helping" his mom with her artwork by sitting on her computer and knocking her tools off of her desk. His other hobbies include tackling plastic bags, loudly meowing at imaginary bugs while his parents are sleeping, and hanging out in the bathtub for no discernible reason.